I would like to express my appreciation for the job you did in setting up our new Gazebo. I am amazed that you were able to position it to line up with the existing walkway. Since the path to the lake from the house is through the gazebo, I was concerned that I would have to make major adjustments to the walkway but only one minor adjustment was required. My wife told me about the challenge you had in getting the gazebo through the trees to the backside of the lot. The young man that had to back the trailer through the trees was a real professional. Well done, it fits perfectly! As for the Gazebo itself, it was obviously built by real craftsmen. The electrical wires are so well hidden it took me 15 minutes to figure out how they were run! I consider myself very good at finding flaws in construction projects, I can fine none in this gazebo. I would also like to comment on your pricing. I considered building the gazebo myself from a kit and found that I could not build it for the price you charged for the complete job. I also know that my wife appreciates not having to wait all summer for me to complete it. We are very pleased with the gazebo itself and I am impressed with job you did in setting it up. Well done!
B. Weisenbeck
Deep Creek, MD

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