Several years ago it was our 35 anniversary. My husband knew I always wanted a gazebo. We went to visit Tri State Gazebo and met Danny Miller. He was very helpful in helping us decide which gazebo would best suit our needs. His delivery time was prompt and his setup for the gazebo was neat and tidy. There were no messes in our yard when he left, it looked like our gazebo just dropped in from the sky. I wanted the gazebo but my hubby ended up setting in it the most with his friends and having coffee everyday with someone while battling the fight against cancer.

When folks would come by for a visit we always ended up in the gazebo and they always hated going home. It is so relaxing and comfortable. My husband has since passed away but I have my memories of the day we bought the gazebo from Danny and the memories of my hubby laughing and joking with all of his friends. I also have the memory of a wonderful anniversary gift from him.

Now every time I sit in it I think of my husband. A gazebo is a good place to find solitude and talk to your God. A good place to reminisce, a good place to laugh and a good place to talk to old friends. If you have ever had any reservations of purchasing a gazebo, don’t, my husband and I both agreed it was one of the best anniversary gifts we could ever give one another. Danny will help you and treat you special and who knows you just may make a new friend like we did.

G. Wilt

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